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Each order contains 30 individual capsules.
(i.e. a quantity of 1 chosen below = 30 capsules, not just one.)

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Micro Mushrooms In the world of psychedelics, a “micro” dose is an amount of that is considered sub-perceptual for the user – not intended to get you “high” or drastically affect your perception in any way, but utilizing the drug in lower doses for a variety of alternative benefits.

Users micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms typically do so to combat depression or anxiety, enhance their creativity, energy levels, focus and senses overall – often with amazing results. Micro mushrooms


Our micro doses contain a custom blend of our Cubensis and Mexicana strains, packaged in easy to swallow capsules in .2 gram doses (1/5th of a gram.) Buy Now

Each order contains 30 individual capsules.
(i.e. a quantity of 1 chosen below = 30 capsules, not just one.)

Micro-dosing is consuming unnoticeable amounts of psilocybin mushrooms to promote higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved skills. Many use micro-dosing to heighten and enhance their senses
Eminent psychedelic researchers have also found largely positive effects of psilocybin mushrooms used to cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD.

We use ginger root in all our formulations to decrease the nausea feeling.

All capsules are vegan and kosher

Recommended Dose
1 capsule every 2nd to 3rd day. It is best to have a light meal before consuming it.
Each capsule contains 150mg of Organic Psilocybin & 50mg Ginger Root.

You can adjust the amount accordingly after your first dose on what works best for you.

When more than 2 capsules are consumed together, you may experience euphoric sensations. This is normal and will fade away in hours.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.
All capsules have a shelf life of 1 year. place in a cool dry place way from direct sunlight

You can safely order it from our premium shrooms shop. feel free to check our other mushroom strains. You can find detailed  psychedelics mushroom strain used for psilocybin for depression and psychedelics mushroom potency list


The effects of taking psilocybin can vary and often depend on the person and the context in which the drug is used. The effects may include the following:

  • Intense emotions and sensory experiences.
  • Spiritual experiences.
  • Psychological regression to earlier experiences/states.
  • Hallucinations (most often visual but can occur in any sensory domain).
  • Synesthesia, which is the experience of mixed perceptions, such as seeing sound or hearing colors.
  • Changes in perception of time.
  • Impaired judgment and potential for harm or death due to accidents.
  • Psychosis, including paranoia and disordered thinking.
  • Acute mood changes (anxiety/panic or depression).
  • Increased risk of having a “bad trip,” which may be emotionally disturbing.
  • Relaxation.
  • Muscle weakness/twitches.
  • Coordination problems.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Increased blood pressure, irregular breathing, irregular heartbeat.



Though the following have been reported to develop even after a single use of psilocybin, the risks of experiencing these adverse effects may be increased with long-term use:

  • Drug-induced psychosis, a condition in which a person’s thoughts become disorganized and they may experience paranoia and a breakdown in communication with others. The user may have dramatic mood swings and experience visual disturbances. Such a psychosis may persist beyond the acute period.
  • Hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder (HPPD), in which the person has flashbacks where they experience recurrences of some of the sensory distortions they experienced while under the influence. These flashbacks may occur for years after stopping use of the drug.

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54 reviews for MICRO MUSHROOMS

  1. Sebastian Clun

    I really feel good when microdosing with this product. I can really feel the benefits of the lions mane and niacin in this blend. My mood is much more stable!

  2. David Port

    Great service..excellent customer support.

  3. Jerald Luna

    So this is my first ever review of any thing but Works great! Strong hits! Very very very happy with this especially it being so cheap.. really you’ll love it , I promise

  4. Grace Carl

    i didn’t think it will be this simple and fast, nice doing business with you

  5. Bobby Steve

    I’ve never been disappointed by psychedelic dispensary. My orders are accurate and arrive quickly. Every time. You won’t be disappointed!

  6. Franco Bodhi

    They say you don’t find DMT, DMT finds you. DMT found me and i found dmt here.

  7. Macaulay james

    All psychonauts need to check this website out even if you don’t want to spend money just come and chill

  8. Yakuza Lee

    I came in here maybe 2 months ago to get my first product and every time they’re super friendly and helpful

  9. Braylon Lois

    I want to thank Trippytoday for the amazing customer service they provided me and highly recommend psychedelic dispensary to anyone ordering online

  10. Kane Porter

    your the best nothing short of perfection.thank you psychedelic dispensary for changing my life

  11. Sonarie Mia

    fast delivery. thanks i got the package

  12. Clergy Simo

    Happy with the purchase.

  13. Fila voutton

    awesome, it just arrived. you got yourself a regular client

  14. Joselh Vasta


  15. Oscar

    I would recommend it if it wasn’t for the “Spore Wellness” that was slightly better that this batch of capsules. But if you have the time give it a chance.

  16. Lowro aboy

    So good for sleep

  17. Tony Lachance

    if you reading this comment , then you found the answer, get it

  18. Travis

    Many happy times. Not sure if micro dosing is the answer for Massive Depression Disorder, but product delivers on the daily as advertised.

  19. Kyle Caudile

    My wife loves these! She quit smoking and will be ordering more soon

  20. Amstermann Mischa

    Too early to tell

  21. Douglas B

    I have not noticed any benefit or sensation from these capsules

  22. jordiluna

    Not strong enough

  23. James Arrella

    A bit pricey but worth it

  24. Kevin Lanes

    I tried the Glow capsules before these and don’t like these in comparison. These make me feel sleepier than I’d like, which kind of gets in my way more than anything. These are something I could take for a day of relaxing, but the reason I hoped to use these were to increase productivity and motivation.

  25. Scott Eiken

    First time micro-dosing. Pretty good experience.

  26. Shane Carter

    one dose gives a nice glow that lasts several hours.

  27. Junior McCarty

    This is a great product.

  28. David Smith

    Not super noticeable but very subtle helps keep my mood balanced.

  29. Marcel L.

    Sometimes I felt super good and some other times I didn’t feel any differences. But most of the time it really helped. When I had a bad week of being depressed and anxious, I took one microdose and it’s just like if it cancelled my bad episode and I could be relaxed (yet energized) and myself again. Some other days I did 2 microdoses, and it was a little too much for the first 2 hours but after a while I was just really happy. I’m glad I found this product as no medication have seem to make me better. Productivity increased and social anxiety decreased, thank you!!

  30. Luis Smorales

    Love these. Great product

  31. John K.

    Excellent product! Already recommending to others

  32. Jason Byrd

    After my first capsule i felt like it was one of the best decisions in my life! My thought process improved and brain worked faster. It seems like by doing Psilocybin you became able to structure information better. I had no problems and much pleasure talking to people yesterday! It was amazing, I inspired EVERYBODY! My father, all my friends and followers) They rarely see me that happy but now it’s a new reality! Btw your goals and priorities are easier to define/redefine. And you feel like the newest sexy Tesla car) GO BUY GLOW and TESLA! ahah

  33. Nick Howard

    Name says it all! Anxiety and stress is gone when I use this product in my micro dosing regime!!

  34. Justin Butler

    Very good


    The micro dose pills have done nothing for me. A bit disappointing as they are not cheap

  36. Benvual

    Will continue to use and hopefully the positive results will continue to satisfy my goals.

  37. Chris Barber

    Tried these first day, seem to help

  38. Jawad

    Dream builder

  39. Barryleecusick

    Wish were .2 G

  40. Benni Boom

    Great energy. It would be amazing to find the right dosing to allow for some euphoric feelings

  41. Jerry

    I take one a day. Helps me relax

  42. Josh Smith

    Love these capsules! They really help boost my mood.

  43. Jorge Rodriguez

    Not sure yet

  44. Brown Jordan

    Recently quit anti-depressants and gave this a try. Absolutely AMAZING. No nasty side effects like big pharma’s, just happy and open. Will try again!

  45. Adam Kerbz

    This is my first time micro-dosing and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the sense of well-being that it brought.

  46. Josh Roach

    Works just as good for better price

  47. Charlie Lom

    Great. Feeling connected and humane. Loving. Creative. Very functional too.

  48. Toni Fergison

    Fav micro dosing, my along and hair are noticeably improving

  49. Mchael Lytle

    Delivered as promised, excellent service

  50. Dado

    Transformative for my depression and inability to stay in the moment.

  51. richie gabbert

    these seem better to take in the evening before bed, great product.

  52. Vegan Henning

    Ok does what is says – would order again

  53. Hoenderboom

    Very nice product. Loved it.

  54. Joey Crawly

    Just the right amount

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